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About Us:

The Vintage Scarf idea started in chilly Milwaukee Wisconsin when Dan and Diane walked out of a local department store having spent nearly $100 for two scarves. The search began for a more cost effective way to get quality scarves into people's closets. The Vintage Scarf was born with the benfits of having the lowest overhead and decades of strong wholesale buying experience. We bring you scarves that might cost up to $60 at any large department store for a small fraction of the price without giving up quality.

The neck is the most vulnerable area in the wintertime, and a large winter scarf is your No.1 defense against a winter cold. A large winter scarf can provide warmth and protection for your neck and chest area. It can also be used to cover your nose and mouth to protect your face from the cold and to provide warm air for your lungs.

We are confident you will love your scarf from TheVintageScarf .
Let's keep you warm this winter! And your wallet full!

Dan and Diane

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